Dive with us

Come diving with us

Coventry Sub Aqua Club is an active diving club. Our members regularly visit inland diving sites such as Stoney Cove, which is only half an hour’s drive from Coventry. We are also fond of diving on holidays abroad. If you are a qualified diver, whether you learned with another BSAC club or another organisation, you are welcome to join us and come along on our trips.

We know that some divers do not own everything they need to go diving. We have various items of diving gear that we can hire to members of our club and a compressor for filling tanks. Please speak with our Equipment Officer to find out more. Some of our members do occasionally have old or spare items of kit that they be willing to sell to you.

Learn to dive with us

As a branch of the British Sub Aqua Club, we can help you gain an internationally-recognised course in scuba diving. If you want to learn more, click here. You can find out more about BSAC’s diving courses, as well as BSAC’s skills development courses, on the BSAC website.

Join our club

If you live in the Coventry area and you’d like to join our club, whether to learn to dive or as someone with qualifications already, you can find out more here.

Try diving with us

Want to find out if diving is for you? We can arrange a try-dive for you. This session is a short introduction to scuba diving in the safety of an ordinary swimming pool under the supervision of one of our instructors. Click here to read more.