Take a try-dive

Thinking of learning to dive, but want to see if it is for you first? Looking for a new experience that could turn into a brilliant hobby? Come and join us for a try-dive! We’re always happy to share our love of being underwater.

What happens

You will receive a brief on the function and safe use of SCUBA equipment by one of our instructors. Your instructor will then take you into the pool and introduce you to diving in gradual, progressive steps. Across the hour that we have in the pool, you should receive at least three quarters of an hour in the water, allowing the remaining time to set up kit and get in and out safely.

Anyone over the age of sixteen years can join us for a try-dive. Children between twelve and sixteen years old may come along too provided that they are accompanied by their parents or guardians.

What to bring

You will of course need to bring with you suitable swimwear and a towel. An old T-shirt may also help make the heavy equipment more comfortable. We’ll provide the SCUBA equipment and tell you how each component works.

You will also need to bring with you a completed medical form to indicate that you are fit to dive. We can supply blank forms ahead of your visit, but we are unable to advise you on your health.

Finally, you will need to bring with you the ability to swim confidently. It sounds strange to insist on this, but some of our instructors have discovered in the middle of a try-dive that their guests cannot, in fact, swim at all. Needless to say, immersing oneself underwater without knowing how to swim can pose a risk to one’s health.

What else do I need to know?

It is always best to write to us to arrange a try-dive than appearing unexpectedly at one of our regular club nights. To facilitate try-dives, we must ensure that we have the right kit available and instructors present and willing to conduct the session. Turning up and hoping for the best may result in disappointment.

All try-divers must complete a self-declaration of medical fitness. We cannot carry out a try-dive if we do not receive a signed copy of the appropriate form ahead of (or on the night of) the try-dive. Please write to us and we will share a blank copy with you.

All our instructors are volunteers who give up their time to instruct. We hope that try-divers and any other guests treat our instructors with respect by listening to their guidance and following their instructions.

The most important thing our instructors want is to keep their try-divers safe. At times this depends on the cooperation of the try-divers. Our instructors reserve the right to terminate a try-dive at any point if they have good reason to believe that a try-diver is at risk of harming themselves or others, for example a try-diver cannot swim confidently or refuses to follow instructions.

Each try-dive costs £20.

How to sign up

Please write to us via the BSAC website and a member of our committee will respond to you. Alternatively, please send us a message through our Facebook page and a member of our committee will reply.