Costs of courses

Coventry Sub Aqua Club charges the following fees to teach members BSAC courses:

BSAC Ocean Diver£42.50 plus postageOcean Diver surcharge (£55) + instructor expense surcharge
BSAC Sports Diver£32.50 plus postageInstructor expense surcharge
BSAC Dive Leader£32.50 plus postageInstructor expense surcharge
BSAC Advanced Diver£32.50 plus postageInstructor expense surcharge

Why is there a surcharge?

Our club adds a surcharge to all courses to go toward our instructor expense scheme. While our instructors are volunteers, our club supports our instructors by permitting them to claim back reasonable expenses for costs incurred in the course of instructing their trainees. The value of the surcharge is decided by the Diving Officer.

Our club also adds a surcharge to the Ocean Diver course. This will cover trainees’ hire of equipment for use in the pool and in open water as they progress through the course. It will also cover trainees’ air fills for tanks used in the pool and in open water while taking the course, provided these fills come from our club’s compressor.

Costs of membership

If you are joining our club, you will need to become a member and pay subscription fees. We have different classes of membership to reflect the different needs and circumstances of our members. You can find out more about this here.

You will also need to become a member of the British Sub Aqua Club. You can find out about subscription options and the benefits of BSAC membership here.

Other costs

Like most other sports, hobbies and pastimes, there are costs to pay to go diving whether you are learning to dive or you have been diving for years. For example:

  • if you would like to have your own diving equipment, you will have to pay for it; some divers get their gear from retailers whereas others prefer it second-hand
  • all divers need to pay for transport (e.g. flights), fuel, food and accommodation when they go on trips
  • some inland sites charge an entry fee and / or expect you to become a member; boat skippers will charge you for their services too

Common questions

How much do you pay your instructors?

Our instructors are all volunteers. Though some clubs (including ours) have expense schemes to allow instructors to claim reasonable expenses for their time, they are not paid a wage of any kind to instruct you.

With so many costs, how does anyone afford to go diving?

Diving is a more expensive sport than others, but being part of a diving club, especially one as large and varied as ours, means that there are ways of cutting costs:

  • BSAC membership provides substantial third-party insurance coverage to protect you in case of an incident.
  • As noted above, our instructors are volunteers, so you won’t be paying the wages of any instructors.
  • We have an equipment store with items of diving gear that we can cheaply hire to our members, including new learners. Speak to our Equipment Officer about gear that you can hire.
  • Many of our members will give others lifts to dive sites.
  • You can purchase a lot of diving gear second-hand, whether from fellow club members or from online vendors. This will help when it comes to exploring equipment and settling on preferences ahead of purchasing brand new items.
  • Many of our members are happy to lend equipment to trustworthy divers to help with their progression.