CSAC members practise oxygen administration

The Coventry Sub Aqua Club has run courses in oxygen administration for its trainees and guests from our neighbouring club at the University of Warwick. Late last month, CSAC ran a O2 administration refresher course for its members. Trainees repeated three theory lessons from the BSAC Dive Leader course, practising their basic life support skills […]

Rescue management success for CSAC trainees

The Coventry Sub Aqua Club held a successful practical rescue management course this month, leading several divers to learn the skills necessary to manage rescues and emergencies and other divers to gain new qualifications. Meeting at Stoney Cove one Saturday in November, a group of divers came together to practice managing the rescue of casualties […]

Roadmap Stage 4 delayed, but club life continues

Last night, the Prime Minister announced that Stage 4 of the UK Government’s roadmap out of lockdown would be delayed by four weeks. This announcement came after a sharp rise in coronavirus cases in the UK. For our club, this means that our return to “normal,” which we had expected to happen next week, will […]

Welcome to our new site!

Welcome to the brand new website of the Coventry Sub Aqua Club. Our club has been pretty quiet since the start of the coronavirus pandemic just over a year ago. Since the end of March 2021, club members have started diving again, but our club hasn’t met properly since April 2021! But as the UK […]