CSAC returns to weekly meetings

Coventry Sub Aqua Club has finally returned to weekly meetings at the King Henry VIII School pool.

Last week, a handful of club members returned for a swim at the King Henry VIII School swimming pool in our first club meeting in over twelve months.

Our club paused our weekly meetings in March 2020 when the UK Government announced restrictions on non-essential travel. During this time, the committee decided to suspend membership subscription fees, due in April, and to temporarily decline new membership applications.

Some of our club members returned to diving outdoors during the summer of 2020, but were forced to go back indoors as local restrictions became stronger in the run up to Christmas.

For now our club meetings are limited to a maximum number of members each week. The training we can offer is limited and available only to current members. Social distancing continues and members must wear masks unless they are swimming.

This isn’t quite the same as our usual Thursday night experience. But, if the roadmap continues as smoothly as it has done so far, we can look forward to bringing the whole club back in late June or early July and opening the doors to new members and try-divers.