Welcome to our new site!

Welcome to the brand new website of the Coventry Sub Aqua Club.

Our club has been pretty quiet since the start of the coronavirus pandemic just over a year ago. Since the end of March 2021, club members have started diving again, but our club hasn’t met properly since April 2021! But as the UK government’s “roadmap out of lockdown” is all on track, we can now start thinking about getting back into our usual activities.

On our new site, we’ve got new sections on our club, how to join us, the courses we offer and where you can find us (outside of pandemics!). We’ve also explained how our activities have been affected by the coronavirus and government restrictions.

In the course of building our site, we’ve taken inspiration from the websites of other BSAC branches who use the same medium (WordPress). Some of our designers’ favourites were Hackney, Harrogate and Tiverton. We’ve also had some advice on the best plugins and setup from the team at Plymouth Sound.