CSAC members practise oxygen administration

The Coventry Sub Aqua Club has run courses in oxygen administration for its trainees and guests from our neighbouring club at the University of Warwick.

Late last month, CSAC ran a O2 administration refresher course for its members. Trainees repeated three theory lessons from the BSAC Dive Leader course, practising their basic life support skills under the supervision of a BSAC instructor and a qualified nurse, preparing O2 equipment and administering O2 to mock casualties complaining of symptoms of the sort of ailments and illnesses that can trouble divers from time to time.

Last weekend, CSAC ran a full O2 course to Sports Diver and Dive Leader trainees. In this course, trainees learned about the properties of oxygen and the benefits of administering it to casualties who are suspected to be suffering from decompression illness, carbon monoxide poisoning, pulmonary barotrauma (a burst lung) and shock.

Both events were held at the University of Warwick and we were joined by members of the University of Warwick Sub Aqua Club (WUSAC), some of whom have also joined Coventry’s club.