CSAC divers learn lifesaving and oxygen administration, Nov 2022

Some of the newest members of Coventry Sub Aqua Club have taken courses in lifesaving and the administration of oxygen to diving casualties.

Over two weekends, Coventry Sub Aqua Club’s instructors delivered two sessions of the BSAC Lifesaver Award. Our trainees learned how to rescue swimmers, snorkellers and scuba divers who get into difficulty in the water.

On the second weekend, our instructors also taught members how to administer oxygen to diving casualties who may be suffering from a range of ailments, from decompression illness and a burst lung to carbon monoxide poisoning and shock.

Like last year, we held our sessions at the University of Warwick. One Warwick instructor joined us to take the Lifesaver Award course and one Warwick member also learned how to administer oxygen.