Great dives for CSAC in Plymouth, May 2022

Twenty-six divers from the Coventry Sub Aqua Club and other branches of the British Sub Aqua Club enjoyed a weekend of fine diving and excellent weather in Plymouth on 21st – 22nd May.

Twenty-three divers and one non-diver took two boats, the Seeker and Size Matters, out to several well-known sites, including the wrecks of the SS James Eagan Layne and the HMS Scylla, with another two divers taking spots on a third boat occupied by a group of divers from the University of Salford.

Photo: J Moore

On Saturday, our divers visited the wreck of the HMS Scylla, resting on a sandy seabed at 23m below sea level, and the SS James Eagan Layne, at 25m maximum depth. The divers reported reasonable visibility and plenty to see.

On Sunday, our divers visited the SS Persier, a Belgian vessel that fell victim to a torpedo in 1945. The final dive was a wall dive in the Fairylands.

We were joined by guests from the University of Warwick Sub Aqua Club (WUSAC), Medway Sub Aqua Club and Putney BSAC. Several of these divers have become joint members of our branch.

Photo: J Moore

This trip marked our latest visit to Plymouth and use of the services of In Deep, based in the Mount Batten Water Sports Complex.